Managing Your Account

Account Management

An account in Akuko is the central place that allows you to manage your posts as an organization. Whenever you create a post or source in Akuko they are assigned to an account where you can manage access to them.

User Management

In the account management page, simply add the email to the users you want to grant access to your account.
Once added, there are three types of roles you can assign to the user:
  • Admin - Has ability to add, edit and delete posts and add/delete users to an account.
  • Editor - Has ability to add, edit and delete posts
  • Viewer - Has ability to view the post only
View Post
Add, Edit + Delete Posts
Manage Users

Creating an Akuko User

Creation of new user accounts can only be done by Admins within an organization account. To create a new user, log into the platform and access the menu list by clicking on the three dots located on the top right corner of the screen as highlighted below:
Select Manage Users.
You will be directed to the Users page, where you will be able to view all users and the roles they are assigned. Click on Add User.
Enter the email address of the new user in the EMAIL field. This field is mandatory (as indicated by an asterisk) and must be filled to enable the Add User button.
The system will generate a temporary password for the user whose account has been created, as shown below. The Admin can then share the temporary password with the user and request the user to change the password upon first login.

Managing your user account

Once your account is created, you may want to Manage your account by changing your profile picture or updating your Handle or Display name. From the same page, you can also change your password at any time.
To manage your user account, click on the avatar on the top left corner of the screen as shown below;
Click on My Account to access the User Management options.
You will be directed to the My account page shown in the screenshot below:
From the User Management page, you can update:
  • The Handle
  • Display Name
  • Profile Picture
  • Password

Handle/Display name

The Handle is also known as the username and is the name that uniquely identifies a user on Akuko.
You can change your handle from the user management page.
The Display Name is a screen name used to identify yourself on Akuko. Unlike Handles, they do not have to be unique.
You can change the Display Name from the User Management page. Once you are satisfied with the changes, you can click on Update Account.


An email address is used to log into Akuko. Once an account is created, it is not possible to change the email address that was used. In case a user would like to use a different email address, they would need to have the account deleted and create a new one with the desired email address.

Profile Picture

You can change your profile picture from the user management page by clicking on the Upload option as shown below.
You will be required to select an image from your computer or device and edit the image by cropping sections based on your preference. Once you have successfully uploaded the image, it will then be displayed on the top left corner of the screen as shown.


From the User Management page, you can also change your current password. You will be required to key in your current password, new password, and confirm your new password.