Getting Started

Getting Started

Akuko is composed of organizations, spaces and accounts. An organization is set up for each client. In each organization, you can add users and create multiple spaces. Each user added to an organization has an account. A space is a place where users can collaboratively build posts, add data sources and apply design configurations. Each space is assigned a unique URL. Users are assigned permissions at the space level, meaning they will have the same permission to all posts in the space.

Logging In and Signing Out

To use Akuko, users need to be part of an organization. After an organization is created, key users are added, and additional users can be added later. Once your credentials have been created and shared with you, go to your personal account (https://app.akuko.io) or a space’s home page via a space specific URL (i.e. https://ona.akuko.io/) and enter your email and shared password to access Akuko.

Personal Account

Once logged into your personal account, the page includes:
  1. 1.
    Your spaces
  2. 2.
    Personal space components, posts and sources.
  3. 3.
    Account management
  4. 4.
    Signing out

Sign out

To sign out, click Sign out from the personal account space. To access a space, select one of your spaces, on the far left and under the account avatar.

Space Specific Homepage

Once logged into your space specific homepage, a group of posts or selected posts will appear.
Click the ellipses to access a dropdown menu with post functionalities and account management functionalities.

Sign out

Select Sign out from the dropdown menu from the ellipses on the post.
Click the Akuko Icon, to access the space management.


Spaces are created under organization accounts and contain posts and sources. There can be multiple spaces in an organization account and multiple posts in a space. Users can easily add spaces.

Create a Space

Creating a space is easy.
Go to one of your spaces - from your personal account or space specific homepage and select spaces from the top of the page.
Alternatively, you can click on an existing space, below your account avatar, as shown below.
You will be directed to the Spaces page, which includes the following functionalities:
  • Spaces: Shows you the spaces under your organization account.
  • Add Space: Allows you to create a new space.
  • View Users: Shows a summarized view of the users for a space.
Click on Add Space to create a new space.
The below modal window will appear. Enter the desired name and URL for the space. Select Create space.
The new space should appear at the top of the lists of spaces. If you do not see the space initially, you may need to refresh the page.

Space Design

Akuko allows you to customize the look and feel of your space.
Go to the space you want to update - from your personal account or space specific homepage. Click on Design
From this page, you can add/edit the fonts, background colors, text colors and other features based on your preference.
You can change the header easily. Select the circle under background color opening a color selection window. Then, select the color by moving the color toggle (highlights in red box) to the desired color and select the color hue by moving the circle in hue box to the desired hue (highlighted by red arrow).
You can also display the color using multiple methods clicking the up and down arrows below the color spectrum toggle and opacity (highlighted by the red arrow).
You can select the header text color similarly to how you selected the header background color.
You can change the space branding by selecting the homepage for the space. All Posts shows tabular view of all the posts.
Post shows a specific post selected from the design page.
Tag shows the tabular view of all posts with a specific tag attached to them.
You can select the size of the logo for the space branding for the page by moving the size toggle to the left, to make it smaller, and to the right, to make it larger.
You can select the page background color, similarly to how the heading background color was selected. The font header and text colors can be similarly selected as the heading background color. If you selected All Posts or Tags for the Brand Link, you can also choose the front page, or how the posts display on space’s homepage: using a Grid or as a List.
Fig. Space Front Page using Grid
Fig. Space Front Page using List
You can also add specific sections as tabs to the space homepage for a specific post, posts with a specific tag, or for an external link, under Sections. To delete the section, select the trash bin icon in the created section (highlighted by the red box).

Space Settings

The space page allows you to manage:
  • All posts and data sources
  • Space users
  • Space design
  • Space settings
Select Settings to update the space name or space logo, and select Submit to finalize the updates. You cannot change the URL once the space is created, but it is also displayed in the space settings.
When updating the space logo, we recommend a logo with a transparent background, which still looks good even when small.