Layout Component

Layouts on Akuko allow you to add subsections to your post and arrange components such as charts, images, and numbers into a particular format. Since you are likely to have a number of components on your post, it is important to arrange them in a correct way that appears easy on the eye and also adopts a unique style in order to better tell your data story. Before working on your post, it is important to define its layout and further define the styling of the layout as part of the post’s design.

Creating a Layout

You can create a layout while editing your post. To get started, click on the plus icon (+) and select Layout.
Your basic layout will then appear as shown below. Click on the ellipses on the left hand-side of the layout and click on Edit.

Layout Settings

The Layout settings include:
Name: The name used to refer to the layout on the back-end of Akuko
Title: The heading of the layout
Caption: A brief explanation of the components captured in the layout
Once the details have been captured, the title and caption will be displayed on the post as shown:

Layout Style

The Layout Style gives you design options to further define the appearance of the layout.
Row: You can specify the number of rows you would like the layout to have. Once the number of rows are specified, each row can have additional layouts or components of its own.
Layout Padding: Increasing the padding increases the distance between the title of the layout and the layout itself. This may improve the appearance especially when you have images within your layout.
You can change the layout of the subsection by: adding a background color, layout border, layout shadow and changing the layout padding from the Style tab.
Show Border: Places a border around the layout.
Show shadow: Places a drop shadow around the layout
Background Color: Changes the background color of the layout
Columns: Allow you to specify the number of columns your layout should have
Tabs: Within the various column options, you can have tabs that allow viewers of your post to navigate through different layouts that represent different categories of your data. Each tab can have its own name and various visualizations that can be used to tell your data story. Once you select Tabs from the column options, you will be required to specify whether you would like the tabs to be displayed horizontally or vertically.
Once you filled in the above options, your tabs will appear as shown below;
Layouts are ideal when you need to display and arrange a large number of components within one post. They enhance the appearance of your story and make it easy on the eye for readers.