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In Akuko, a Post is a canvas for your data storytelling journey. It's where you combine various components like text, tables, maps, charts, and more to create interactive narratives that convey insights effectively. Think of a Post as a digital page where you seamlessly blend data, visuals, and text to convey your message.

Crafting Your Data Story

With Posts, you have the creative freedom to structure your data story as you envision it. You can organize and format your content to guide your audience through the information, helping them understand complex data relationships and uncover meaningful patterns.

Key Features of Posts:

  • Interactive Components: Enrich your Posts with a variety of interactive components that allow your audience to explore data, visualize trends, and draw insights. Apply data filters on individual components or globally across components to create rich data exploration experiences.

  • Flexible layouts and Custom Styling: Leverage flexible layout options and customize with the fonts, color and images that match your brand and intended styling.

  • Selective Publishing: Choose whether to keep your Posts private, share them within a Space, or publish them publicly. This versatility enables you to control who sees your content.

Post templates

Akuko currently supports two post templates:

  • Notebook - This is our default post type. Use this if you want to create a NY Times data story, dashboard, interactive data portal or analysis with narrative in a notebook format.
  • Map - Map posts provide a full screen slippy map as the canvas for your data visualization. Use this to create beautiful map based data portals or apps.