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Spaces in Akuko are a paid feature. They allow flexible collaborative workspaces designed to enhance teamwork and streamline data sharing. Whether you're working on a group of posts, managing data sources, or creating public-facing data portals, Spaces offer a private and organized environment to collaborate efficiently.


If you are intereted in using Spaces, please reach out via our contact form on our website.

Key Features of Spaces

Grouped Posts and Sources

Easily organize and manage related Posts and Sources within a Space, improving content organization and accessibility.

Private Collaboration

Spaces provide private areas where users can collaborate on a specific group of Posts and Sources. This ensures that sensitive information remains secure within the designated workspace.

Multiple Permission Levels

Spaces support multiple permission levels, including Administrator, Editor, Viewer, and more. Assign different roles to users based on their responsibilities and access needs within the Space.

Custom Data Portals

Spaces can be used to create public-facing data portals that are mapped to a custom domain. This allows you to share curated data and insights with a broader audience while maintaining control over access and branding.