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The Filter Component in Akuko empowers you to create custom filters that enable users to refine and interact with your data stories effectively. Whether you need to filter data across various components, segment information, or provide users with data exploration capabilities, the Filter Component provides a powerful solution for enhancing the interactivity of your data narratives.

Key Features

Custom Filter Creation

With the Filter Component, you can create custom filters tailored to your data and components. Define filter criteria based on data fields, values, or ranges to allow users to interact with your data stories in a way that suits their needs.

Cross-Component Filtering

One of the key strengths of the Filter Component is its ability to perform cross-component filtering. This means that users can apply filters created with this component to other components in your data story, ensuring that data is consistent and synchronized across different views.

Multiple Filter Types

The Filter Component supports various filter types, including text filters, range filters, dropdown filters, and more. Choose the filter type that best matches the data you want to filter and the user experience you want to create.

Real-Time Updates

Filters created with the Filter Component provide real-time updates to connected components. As users apply filters, other components will automatically adjust their data display to reflect the filtered results.


The Filter Component offers several properties to configure its appearance and behavior:


string The component name.


The component width


uuid The uuid of the Source


array Array of component ids to which this filter applies


array Array of filters

Specify the components that will be affected by this filter.


Explore examples of the Filter Component in action: